About RunnerGeek

Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m a married father of two who likes gadgets, technology, science and to get out and run or otherwise keep fit.  If there’s anybody this blog is aimed for, it’s probably me!  Just a nice, public space, where I can write out my thoughts and plans without boring those around me too much!  If some like-minded soul was to find the blog interesting, that’d be fantastic too.

My running experience has seen me run a half marathon in under 1h30m, although I’m a bit slower and heavier right now.  While I have not yet officially completed any event longer than a half marathon, my longest run is 30 miles.  I’m running at an official 40 mile event very soon!

Geek-wise, anything goes.  I know a little around coding, like tinkering with my Arduino board and playing about online (hence this blog).  I’m slowly getting into photography (well, merely to the point where I can take a half decent photo without having to Photoshop it!).

Feel free to get in touch!



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